We take top quality plant-based products to
the largest market in Latin America

The Company

Global Picks is an International Trade Company in search of innovative products that promote well-being and help protect the environment. Through careful analysis, we align top quality brands to markets with high demand and little to no direct competition. Thus bringing choices to where they are most sought and securing solid results.

Why plant-based

The choices that yield the deepest impact on the planet and on human health lay on what we eat. Surprisingly simple and extraordinarily effective, the shift to a plant-based diet is a trend that is being embraced exponentially on a global level. The plant-based food market perfectly suits our mission and therefore we elected it as our starting point.

Who we are

Global Picks is family owned and lead by vegan Brazilians. The expertise acquired in the international logistics, allied to a network set up along almost two decades operating one of Brazil’s largest bonded export terminals, built up a strong background for the international trade. These attributes confer a deep understanding, from both the consumer and the business perspective, enabling an efficient integration between industry, market and culture. Global Picks is a valuable asset for those companies searching for ways of increasing their reach to new, ambitious boundaries. Uniting people around one common goal – to consume responsibly.

It all starts here...


If you have an innovative product that promotes sustainability and improves quality of life, get in touch and we will discuss how to take your product to new, avid markets.

If you are a Distributor or Retailer searching for products to satisfy yout consumer’s needs, while improving well-being and protecting the environment, we can use our global network to find the products thar are just right for you.

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